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"When god became lonely
he created man,
Or was it
When man became lonely
he created god."
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I am coming home. 

My home, Manila, is probably the most beautiful city in the world. It’s not perfect; it’s so diverse. That’s what makes it so interesting. I love San Francisco and all, but it’s there on top already.

I find it odd when Filipinos want to leave their country to find a better life. Isn’t that too selfish?

I am coming home. Not for myself, but for my country. I want to learn from good educational institutions here abroad, and everything that I will learn, I will bring to help my countrymen. 

The U.S. has it all already. It has the best and smartest people, so why stay here? Instead of helping other nationalities, why not help your own people first? 

I started school again, and I love it every day. But what I noticed was my professors and classmates from first world countries complain about the simplest societal problems. I mean, really? I don’t want to compare and all, but other countries have had bigger problems than them. 

I want to help the Philippines first, then hopefully, the world. 

I miss my home so much. I miss how it smelled after rain. I miss the heat, the smiles, the optimism of every individual even after a storm. I miss my friends and my family. I miss how bad it is. I miss how beautiful it can be. I miss the music, the culture, the noise. 

I am coming home. 

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I want to live life to the fullest. I want my children and my children’s children to say something like “Oh, she’s so cool. She skydived…she went to these places and did these stuff.” 

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I always tell myself, “Why me? Why do I have these arms and legs? Ugh, I hate my face. I wish I’m as perfect as *insert someone’s name*”.

These demands, insecurities, and bargaining will always be there. Then I realize, almost every woman in this world is asking the same question.

Maybe even these photoshopped girls ask themselves the same question.

So, maybe we just have to stop asking, and start accepting.

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San Francisco Pride


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Found these photos online. Can anyone tell me who the artist is?

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#StanfordUniversity campus. Burghers of Calais by #Rodin (upper left)

#StanfordUniversity campus. Burghers of Calais by #Rodin (upper left)

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Hurray for the first day of class! #backtoschool (at Stanford University)

Hurray for the first day of class! #backtoschool (at Stanford University)

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